My “magic” resume writing makes a “crucial” difference to your job search

Dear Friend:

When I write your resume, you’ll have three crucial advantages. 

First, you’ll get more interviews, faster.   

Second, you’ll be a far stronger candidate in those interviews.

And finally, you’ll also know how to follow up your interviews for maximum impact.

Consequently, your job search will be much shorter and more productive.         

So how do I know this?

For one thing, my “magic” resumes have helped more than a thousand clients find new jobs faster. For another, many clients received multiple interview invitations within one or two weeks.  

Here’s what some of them say about my work:

“Thank you for your tremendous support . . . the resume was crucial in terms of selling my skills. I am off to manage five international airports as the CEO. It was a pleasure to work with you.”
Andrew O’Brian, CEO, Quiport Corporation

“Your magic resume writing won more than ten interviews within just three weeks and played a crucial role in landing a job with a major local company and as a board member of a non-profit. Besides the offer I accepted, I got two other offers.”
Eric Li, Accountant

“I wanted to let you know that I was appointed to the President and CEO position. Thank you very much for your help.”
Don Coulter, Coast Capital Savings Credit Union

“In the 16 days since you sent me the resume package, I’ve been called for five interviews – in the middle of the recession!”
Agne Zuraskaite, Business Development Manager, The Economist

(Incidentally, you can find some other testimonials here.) 

You can also discover the reasons why my resumes work so well. 

In addition, you can see how we”ll write your resume package after you commission me.

Don’t forget to check out the surprising reason why my resumes don’t really cost you anything.

Finally, as my thanks for reading this page, feel free to download my guide to organizing a productive job search. 

To your success!

Tim Cunningham, CPRW
Principal Writer,
Fast & Focused Resume Service

P.S. If you’d like your current resume reviewed, I’ll do it for free. But I can only work with a limited number of people, so call 604-418-7094 or 1-800-514-6208 today. (And if you need your resume in a hurry, give me a call right now. I specialize in resume writing under deadline pressure.)