My clients call my resume writing “magic” and “crucial” to their success

Dear Friend:

When I write your resume, you’ll have some crucial advantages over the other high-powered professionals and executives you’re competing against.

You’ll get more interviews, faster . . .   

You’ll be a far stronger candidate in those interviews . . . 

You’ll know how to follow up your interviews for maximum impact . . .  

And your job search will be much shorter and more productive.         

How do I know this?

According to many HR surveys, the vast majority of resumes don’t highlight the full range and impact of their writers’ professional accomplishments.

But mine do!

And then I show you how to take full advantage of that crucial difference.

Here’s the bottom line

I’ve written more than nine hundred interview-generating resumes for executive and professional clients from all over the world. 

And my clients are very happy:

“Your magic resume writing won more than ten interviews within just three weeks and played a crucial role in landing a job with a major local company and as a board member of a non-profit. Besides the offer I accepted, I got two other offers.”
Eric Li, Accountant

“Thank you for your tremendous support . . . the resume was crucial in terms of selling my skills. I am off to manage five international airports as the CEO. It was a pleasure to work with you.”
Andrew O’Brian, CEO, Quiport Corporation

“It is less than a month since you sent the resume package, and I already have three interviews set, including my #1 target — CTO of one of Canada’s 25 largest companies. I may end up being spoiled for choice!”
Clive Packham, Systems Design Integration Manager, SNC-Lavalin

“In the 16 days since you sent me the resume package, I’ve been called for five interviews — in the middle of a recession!”
Agne Zaruskaite, Hotel Marketing & Public Relations

“I wanted to let you know that I was appointed to the President and CEO position. Thank you very much for your help.”
Don Coulter, Coast Capital Savings Credit Union

You get a personal interview with me before I write a word of your resume   

To get a resume that makes you stand out, you need a professional resume writer who knows how to conduct a revealing interview . . . who asks probing questions . . . who digs deep . . . beneath the surface of your job history . . . and uncovers all the strengths, accomplishments and value you bring to the table.

That’s exactly what I do. 

Why my resume writing gets results    

Growing up, I learned more than a few things about conducting interviews by watching my father, veteran TV correspondent Bill Cunningham, question world leaders on CBC and CTV. Watching him work, I learned how to spot the missing details in a story – and how to ask the right questions that filled in the blanks. (To see for yourself the kinds of forgotten accomplishments my interviews routinely uncover, check out these case studies.) 

Then I spent 15 years in the business world. My work in purchasing, sales, and financial supervision – and running my own company – gave me the insider’s perspective on what hiring managers really look for in prospective employees.

When you combine my extensive business background and well-honed interviewing skills with the trade secrets I learned from some of North America’s top professional resume writers, what you’ll get is a powerfully persuasive resume that’s guaranteed to open interview doors. 

Your first step to a better future
Let’s talk

Call me at 604-418-7094 or 1-800-514-6208 for a free consultation that will not obligate you in any way.

We’ll talk for as long as we need to make sure we’re a good fit to work together. Once that’s established, we’ll schedule an interview – either in person or through a Skype call (because visual cues can be important interview signals).

Step 2
Client questionnaire and interview

After our phone call, I’ll e-mail you a brief questionnaire that will help get you thinking about your accomplishments and the difference they made.

(With the questionnaire, for a limited time, I’m also sending some other job search tools including the latest resources for finding potential employers, preparing for interviews, dealing with trick questions, and working with recruiters.)

When you return the completed questionnaire, I’ll use it to guide our interview. We’ll go over each job you’ve held – and how you made a difference in each of them. By the time we finish, an hour or so later, you’ll be surprised at the additional details you’ve remembered.

Step 3
I draft your resume and your cover letter and you review them

I compose the first draft of your resume within 24 to 48 hours after our interview. Then I e-mail it to you so you can help me make any necessary changes.

While you’re doing that, it’s likely that you’ll also remember some additional (and crucial) details that we hadn’t discussed in our meeting – my questions often have this delayed action effect. 

Step 4
I polish your documents

Once I get your feedback, I revise your resume and cover letter within 24 hours and send it back to you for any final tweaking. If necessary, we repeat these steps.

It’s important to note that there’s no limit to how many revisions I write. That’s because I want you to be completely satisfied with your resume (although usually, a single revision is all it takes). 

And that’s all there is to it!

Together we create a resume that sets you miles apart from your competitors.

As you can see, my resume writing is a collaborative process.  

It’s a process that really gets you thinking about all of your skills, your knowledge, and your abilities. It also helps you remember your accomplishments and the difference they made.

And it also gives you a big edge in your interviews.

Here’s why. 

When your resume emphasizes all your key achievements, you’ll see yourself in a different light when you are interviewed.

And because the resume we’ve created will be the “road map” interviewers will use to guide their questions, you’ll be ready to talk in detail about your successes.

Consequently, you’ll be more relaxed and confident than other candidates – and that’s another plus your interviewers will notice.

My front-line experience gives you the insider’s advantage

Before launching my career as in professional resume writing, I spent years in sales, purchasing, and finance.

During those years, I worked with top decision makers, which gave me the opportunity to help solve a wide variety of costly problems.

When you hire me to write your resume, you leverage that experience. Together we’ll flesh out how you helped your former employers meet their business challenges.  

After all, that’s what prospective employers are looking for in a new hire – someone who’s been in the trenches and implemented solutions that will make or save them money, time or customers.  

A resume writer can’t get this level of detail solely from a questionnaire (although I will have you fill one out to kick-start your thinking about your professional accomplishments).

That’s why I interview you personally, and at length, to get everything I need to portray you in the best possible light.

I put everything I’ve got, which includes over 15 years worth of business experience, into making your resume so compelling that your odds of gaining interviews and jobs go up like a rocket.  

(Find out just how big a difference my resume writing can make for your job search by clicking on the Resume Costs page. You’ll be glad you did!)  

 What you get when I write your resume package

     * A free consultation.
     * A 1-hour – or longer – interview with me.
     * Drafts of your resume and cover letter within 48 hours (usually it’s only 24 hours).
     * An unlimited amount of time with me to review these drafts.
     * Second revisions of your resume and cover letter for you to review within one business day.
     * Copies of your customized resume documents in the formats you need.

Also, if you need to get up and running on LinkedIn, I can help you rework your resume into a dynamic LinkedIn page. Then I’ll show you how to use LinkedIn to increase your professional visibility, uncover and research potential job openings and help you keep up with the latest developments in your field – all without investing too much time in the process. (Just call 604-418-7094 or 1-800-514-6208 for the details.)

To thank you for using my resume writing services, I’ll show you how to find and approach potential employers who haven’t advertised yet.

I’ll also show you how to prepare for an interviewer who plays the “Trick Questions” game – without making you memorize the best responses to 500 questions.

And as my final bonus, I’ll introduce you to a surprising way to turn an interview tradition to your advantage and really impress your interviewer. (I know of at least one occasion where following this approach led to an on-the-spot job offer.)
If you want to give yourself the luxury of a second thought before you try it, this approach is equally effective in a follow-up letter.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed
– I’m not done writing your resume until you start getting job interviews

That’s right.

I insist that my resume must produce interviews for you, or I’ll keep rewriting it until it does. In fact, I guarantee that you’ll get more interviews with my resume than you’re getting now.

So what are you waiting for?

You know you need a resume that makes interviews happen if you want to win your dream job in today’s tight job market.

You know you need an edge over all the other high-powered applicants who also want that job.

Let my resume writing be your edge.

Call today for your free consultation!

To your success,

Tim Cunningham, CPRW (Certified Professional Resume Writer)
Principal Writer,
Fast & Focused Resume Service
Vancouver’s professional resume writer

P.S. If you’d like your current resume reviewed, I’ll do it for free. But I’ll only be able to handle a limited number of people, so call 604-418-7094 or 1-800-514-6208 today. (And if you need your resume in a hurry, give me a call right now. I specialize in resume writing under deadline pressure.)