My interview skills help you stand out from the crowd

According to many HR surveys, most resumes don’t highlight the full range of their writers’ professional accomplishments.

But mine do!

And then I show you how to take full advantage of that crucial difference.

To get a resume that makes you stand out, you need a professional resume writer who knows how to conduct a revealing interview . . . who asks probing questions . . . who digs deep . . . beneath the surface of your job history . . . and uncovers all the strengths, accomplishments and value you bring to the table.

That’s exactly what I do. 

Why my resumes get results    

Growing up, I learned more than a few things about conducting interviews by watching my father, a veteran TV journalist, question world leaders on CBC and CTV. Watching him, I learned how to spot the missing details in a story – and the right questions to find them. (To discover the kinds of forgotten accomplishments my questions routinely uncover, check out these case studies.) 
Then I spent 15 years in business. My work in purchasing, sales, and financial supervision – and running my own company – gave me the insider’s perspective on what hiring managers really look for in prospective employees.

Combine my extensive business background and well-honed interviewing skills with the trade secrets I learned from some of North America’s top professional resume writers, and you get a persuasive resume that makes job interviews happen. 

What happens when we meet?

  • First, we’ll change your resume’s focus from job responsibilities to your career achievements. (I’ll help you recall and present your best stories so readers can see what you’ll do for them. Hiring managers love getting this information, but most resumes don’t give it to them.)
  • Next, we’ll increase their interest by showing that you have the character traits they want, but they can’t ask about. (When we present stories showing those traits in action, hiring managers will know that you’ll be a good fit.  And they’ll be more eager to hire you.)
  • Finally, we’ll increase your confidence level in your interviews. (Once I show you how to demonstrate your true worth in interviews, you will be a more relaxed, engaged and engaging interviewee. And the hiring managers who interview you will notice the difference.)